Financial Advisor Must Reads

As a New York Times best seller, Ron Carson has shared his principles with audiences worldwide through his books.

Sustainable edge Book

The Sustainable Edge

Achieving the “Sustainable Edge” is not solely about creating a business where you can fulfill your passions. It also means having time for the three or four other things in your life you are passionate about. By narrowing your focus to just a few passions, you will enjoy your life more than if you try to pursue twenty passions at once. We will help you do that through the ideas and lessons taught in this book. Order your copy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.



Ron Carson is the co-author of Avalanche: The 9 Principles for Uncovering True Wealth. This book inspires its readers to discover True Wealth by going through Ron’s BluePrinting process to help advisors understand their life goals and objectives. This profound tale is your field guide for redefining success and creating True Wealth in your life and in the lives of the people you love. Order your copy of Avalanche on Amazon


Tested in the Trenches

In Tested in the Trenches Ron explains how securities representatives, insurance professionals, investment advisors and CPA’s can build and sustain a million-dollar financial services practice while creating great lives along the way. Order your copy of Tested in the Trenches on Amazon


Financial Jiu-Jitsu

In Financial Jiu-Jitsu, Scott Ford shows you how to overcome your emotions and state of mind to excel at your investing endeavors. Along the way, Ford teaches you fundamental skills such as automating your savings and investments, the importance of paying yourself first, and managing credit wisely. Order your copy of Financial Jiu-Jitsu on Amazon


Get Wise to Your Advisor

Steve Lockshin’s book, Get Wise to Your Advisor, will provide the tools for calculators that tell you most of what you need to know; from how much insurance you need to have to how you should diversify. The book will simplify standards for consumers and audit advisors to those standards. Order your copy of Get Wise to Your Advisor on Amazon


Lifeonomics: Living Free of Worry and Regret

Rob Holdford shares the secret to living worry free of the prison of worry and regret. This book is a great read for anyone who’s ready to let go of the mental habits that lock us into dread of the improbable or self-torture over the past. Order your copy of Lifeonomics on Amazon