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Fox Business: Economy & Volatility

Watch Fox Business’ Varney & Co to hear Ron Carson’s view on the economy and volatility right now. Continue reading


Ronsense: Spartan Race

Ron Carson and stakeholders completed a Spartan Race this past weekend! Facing 28 obstacles in the race, Ron reminds advisors about teamwork and finding your MTP.  Continue reading


Ronsense: Mastermind Group

Ron Carson is live in this #Ronsense with his mastermind group, YPO, a group that’s helped him make some of the best decisions of his career. He encourages advisors to really think about their businesses – moments of thinking are worth sometimes more than days, weeks or years of actually doing.  Continue reading


StoryBrand: Insider Economic Advice to Help Business Leaders Win Big

These days, our economy shifts and evolves at light speed. It can be overwhelming and intimidating just to follow along with the news. Continue reading


Ronsense: Take Time to Better Serve Your Clients

Ron Carson is live from our first regional event in LA sharing with advisors who have taken time to learn how to better serve their clients! We have 12 events left in 2018. Hopefully we’ll see you at one! Register here! Continue reading


Fox Business: Market in Record Territory

Watch Fox Business’ Varney & Co to hear Ron Carson’s thoughts on the market in record territory and the one thing you should remember about business and investments. Continue reading


Ronsense: One on One Trips With Your Children

Ron Carson shares some #Ronsense about one of the pieces of advice he’s given to advisors about taking one-on-one trips with your children. These are just another form of True Wealth: All that we have that money can’t buy and death can’t take away. Continue reading


Ronsense: Why Be A Hybrid/Dually Registered

In this #Ronsense video, Ron Carson shares our philosophy at Carson Group and answers a question asked by an advisor: Why be a hybrid? Why be dually registered? Always start with the question, is it in our client’s best interest? Continue reading


Fox Business: Where Ron Carson Advises Clients To Buy

See Fox Business’ Varney & Co for where Ron Carson advises clients to buy in the middle of a market rally. Continue reading


The financial adviser evolution is underway

We’re in the midst of an adviser revolution. Or, maybe it’s better to call it an adviser evolution.

While most of us look at the next 12 months with renewed excitement, inspiration and focus, we’re also overwhelmed with the opportunity and unforeseen obstacles in front of us as business owners. Continue reading


Ronsense: Nelly, Chief Comfort Officer

Nelly Carson, one of our most important stakeholders, joins Ron in this #Ronsense video. Continue reading


Ronsense: Push Yourself (with Blue Apron’s Matt Wadiak)

“Always push yourself,” and other great advice on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in this with Ron Carson and Matt Wadiak of Blue Apron, live from the NCAA football  today!  Continue reading


Ronsense: Be Prepared (With Kirk Herbstreit)

OUTWORK. Hear how this has helped Announcer Kirk Herbstreit in his own career in this with Ron Carson live from the today! Continue reading

Monthly Newsletters

December Monthly Newsletter: Tax Reform and Year-End Planning

After several last-minute changes, the Senate voted 51-49 in the early hours of Saturday morning[1] to pass their version of tax reform. Only one Republican, Tennessee Senator Bob Corker, voted against the bill, concerned about the $1 trillion or more in budget deficits the plan is expected to create.[2] President Trump has been adamant about his desire to sign a final bill before Christmas. While we’re not quite there yet, the Senate’s vote Saturday morning crossed one potential roadblock and has made some form of tax reform by Christmas much more likely. Continue reading


My Favorite Financial Planning Tool

The digital world is filled with financial planning tools and apps that can help you take stock of specific aspects of your financial situation, whether that is how much you are spending on lattes or whether you are saving enough for retirement. Continue reading


Should You Pay Down Your Debt or Invest Your Money?

Whether we don’t mind having debt or it gives us anxiety, most of us carry some percentage of it in our balance sheets. One of the most common questions clients ask me, is whether they should pay down their debt or invest the extra money in the market. Most of us carry some percentage of debt in our balance sheets. Some of us don’t mind having debt. For others, it’s a cause for anxiety. Continue reading


Could Living a Long Life Cause You to Go Broke? Strategies To Make Your Money Last

Published by Scott Ford, Member of the Investment Committee for Carson Group Partners

Have you ever thought about the possibility of living past the age of 100? If you haven’t, you probably should. While there are currently about 75,000 centenarians in the United States, it is predicted that by 2050 that number will rise to 1 million.[1] People are living longer than ever before, and this plays a significant role in how you plan for your retirement. Continue reading


What’ll Cause Next Market Downturn?

Today’s article is by Scott Kubie, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist of Omaha, Nebraska-based Carson Group.

A stock’s long-term value is derived from three factors: growth, cash flow and risk. As the equation below shows, the constant growth model estimates fair value by dividing the cash flow one year from now by the difference between the required rate of return and the constant growth estimate. Continue reading


Fox Business: Stocks Hit All-Time Highs

Ron Carson on Fox Business’ Varney & Co. sharing thoughts on stocks hitting all-time highs. Continue reading


Long-Term Care

Do you know someone who has recently been diagnosed with dementia or is currently living with this disease? Watching a loved one lose their independence, memories and financial well-being is very difficult. It’s important to know there are many resources and tools available to you. This infographic shares 10 ways you can help your loved ones financially prepare for the impact of dementia. Continue reading

Market Commentary

Weekly Market Commentary December 18, 2017

Stocks moved higher again this week. The S&P 500 rose 0.9% last week and is now up 1.1% for the month. The MSCI ACWI rose 0.6% as global stocks slightly lagged the U.S. stock market. The Bloomberg BarCap Aggregate Bond Index climbed 0.3%. Continue reading


Why I Partnered: Stonebridge Financial Partners

Listen to Partner advisor Tim Bearden of Stonebridge Financial Partners share why he chose to join Carson Group Partners. Continue reading


Why I Partnered: Pinnacle Financial Group

Listen to Partner advisor Michael David of Pinnacle Financial Group share why he chose to join Carson Group Partners. Continue reading


Why I Partnered: Cornerstone Wealth Management Group

Listen to Partner advisor Scott Ford of Cornerstone Wealth Management Group share why he chose to join Carson Group Partners. Continue reading