Inside Look:

A Day in the Life of Our Partner Firms

Learn What Partnership With Carson Can Do For You

Knowing when to make a change for your business can be difficult – and sometimes the decision can be made for you, before you have a chance to do your due diligence. So how can you be sure you’re doing what’s best for your firm and your clients?

Partnership with Carson Group can help you prepare your firm for any change – on your terms. Learn more by joining Jamie Hopkins, Carson’s Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions, as he meets with Ron Carson, CEO and founder of Carson Group, and two of our partners to talk about the benefits of partnership and everything Carson has to offer, as well as what went into our partners’ decisions to take the leap, how Carson met their needs, what the future looks like for their firms and plenty more.

Meet the Advisors

Abbey Henderson

Abaris Financial Group

Wealth Advisor and Coach

“I’m still allowed to be very much, sort of, my own flavor of advisor, with my own flavor of a firm.”

Michael Gold

Gold Family Wealth

CEO and Founder

“We all collectively have this vision to really build and become the pinnacle of trust and effectiveness in this industry.”

Meet the Hosts

Ron Carson

CEO and Founder

Carson Group

Jamie Hopkins

Managing Partner of Wealth Solutions

Carson Group

Get a Preview

Michael Gold was spending too much of his time worrying about the back-end of his business – compliance, marketing, designing a website. He was wearing too many hats, and he needed to outsource that work so he could focus on being a financial advisor and growing his business. Learn what he did to make that happen.

What Makes Carson Different?

This complementary, on-demand webinar gives you an inside look at what drove advisors like you to partner with Carson. These advisors were looking for something different, and throughout the interview you’ll see common themes emerge of what motivated them to align their firms with Carson, including:

A desire and a need to stay ahead of the curve
A need for growth strategies that are proven and supported
A chance to wear fewer hats, focusing on being a CEO instead of the entire C-suite
The ability to maintain their own identity and branding
Community that extends far beyond a regional support representative
Opportunity to cut through bureaucracy and truly run their own firm