Our approach is simple.

We make the complex simple for advisors and the investors they serve.

Carson Group is a family of companies committed to being the most trusted for financial advice and guidance through serving advisors and investors.

Founded in 1983, Carson Wealth has grown to become a Barron’s Hall of Fame firm, serving clients through holistic financial planning, disciplined investment strategies, and proactive personal service.

Founded in 1993, Carson Group Coaching is a leading national financial advisor coaching and resource program designed to help growth-minded advisors build their businesses through coaching support, tested tactics, and accountability that drive proven results.

Founded in 2012, Carson Group Partners simplifies the complexity of running a wealth management firm by managing and executing marketing, compliance, technology, investment management, and operations for advisor firms.

All three organizations are headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, and share a common mission to be the most trusted in financial advice.


Carson Group Coaching is the country’s leading financial advisor coaching and resources program. The firm helps advisors simplify the complexities of building more profitable businesses, provide exceptional client experiences, and live a principled and fulfilled life. Members receive one-on-one and group coaching support; various resources, strategies, systems, and tools; and participation in a growth-minded community of top advisors. Through this support and guidance,  Carson Group Coaching members grow by 2.5X the industry average of 5%, over a two-year period.



Carson Group Partners delivers tremendous success for clients and advisors alike, by simplifying what’s often a complex relationship. Our platform offers a planning-based approach, advice in common language, and straightforward fees for clients. For advisors, Partnership simplifies the complexities of being an entrepreneur through tailored consulting, lead-generating marketing, integrated technology and outsourced investments.  This allows you to focus on what you do best and fall in love with you business again, as part of a community of growth-minded advisors.

Advisor Growth

Carson Group offers financial advisors with solutions for transitioning their business. Whether through our on-demand succession planning solution,  providing support for our partners & members to engage in merger & acquisition activity or through firm valuation, we help advisors grow and thrive. Finding  successor or acquisition partners and creating an actionable plan to execute is no easy task. We help our advisor community plan for the continued success and legacy of their firm.


What do you need?

Carson Group has many ways to help you solve challenges and grow the value of your business. Talk to our team about your needs to get started.

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Who is Carson Group?

  • 1,284 firms across the country call themselves Coaching Members.
  • Our Coaches spend 200+ hours per week with members solving pressing business challenges.
  • 26.67% year-over-year AUM is the average Partner growth (from Sept. 2016 to Sept. 2017).
  • Our most highly engaged Partners have 40% AUM growth annually.
  • Our Partners increase the love of their business by 32.70% on average, as a result of joining Carson Group Partners.

Don’t you want to LOVE your business 30% more, while also growing, increasing firm value and offering more to your clients?