The Carson Concierge

Personal Errands

  • Baby Shower, Wedding, Birthday and Holiday Gift Purchases
  • Grocery, Toiletries or Household Item Purchases
  • Clothing/Household Item Donations to Open Door Mission, etc.
  • Returns (please be aware of any return policies)
  • USPS (packages, stamps, etc.)

Business Errands

  • Ordering and/or picking up lunch for meetings with clients, prospects or stakeholders
  • Purchasing supplies for an internal event
  • Purchasing ‘Thank You’ gifts for Stakeholders
  • Organizing and booking department Team Outings

Weekly/Monthly Services

  • Mobile Oil Changes
  • Mobile Car Detailing
  • Wenninghoff’s Crop Share Program (membership only – pick-ups one time per week)
  • Max I Walker Dry Cleaning

Meet Your Concierge

Katie Sautter headshot

Katie joined Carson in July 2017 as Carson’s Concierge. Katie manages all incoming errand requests for our stakeholders, both personal and business, along with other stakeholder services. Katie graduated from the University of Nebraska at Omaha with a BS in Elementary Education. Prior to joining Carson, Katie worked as an Elementary School Teacher and in the Non-Profit Sector.

Katie and her husband Mike have two daughters; Lilly and Leighton. Their family has a Yorkshire Terrier and they enjoy spending time with him and the many dogs in their immediate family. Katie and her husband enjoy all sports, shopping and spending time with their daughters, family and friends.

Request Examples:

“I am going to a wedding this weekend, and need to buy a gift.  The future Mr. and Mrs. Jones are registered at Bed Bath and Beyond, can you pick up something off the registry in the price range of $50 – $100?”

“It’s my daughter’s birthday this weekend, and I still need to get her a gift.  She really wants the Minnie Mouse Shopping Cart from Target.  I’ve attached a picture of the exact item for you!”

“I need a book of stamps from the Post Office and please get ______ design.”

“I just ran out of my favorite lipstick, can you run to Sephora at Village Pointe and pick it up for me.”


If you send in a request for the day of and I have availability, I will make sure to fulfill this request but if I am unable to, I will let you know when my availability is.

Because of liability, errands that I am unable to do for you are anything related to your pet(s), kids or vehicle.

Business Request:

Requests must be filled out 24-48 hours in advance!

If you are making a request for a catered lunch, please be as specific as possible, including the number of people attending, purpose, any food allergies/vegetarian options needed, budget and tip amount.