Deliver a Comprehensive Investment Experience

Money doesn’t have to be complicated. Our advisors are just as good at explaining investments as they are at making them.

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Our approach is simple.

From lead to initial prospect conversation, all the way through conversion to client, Carson Group partners have a consistent, digital process to deliver the client investment experience. It encompasses holistic financial planning, portfolio management, and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) solutions. We refer to this experience as the Wealth Designed. Life Defined™ Process.

Financial Planning

We offer digital tools and a process to support your own financial planning creation as well as a team of planning experts to support your most complex client planning needs. With a focus on client and advisor education, our goal is to make the complex financial planning process easy, seamless and enjoyable for your clients.

Our approach to investing focuses on personalization over customization and allows you to build financial plans and portfolios to meet your clients’ needs. By outsourcing investment management, you can free up time to focus on what you enjoy most–helping your clients  and growing your business.

Through a proven financial planning process, you’ll help your clients discover what’s most important to them—and then help them stay the course.

Investment Support

Our in-house investment team and Chief Investment Officer are focused on adding the right investment strategies to meet your needs. With a wide variety of investment options, you can build portfolios to provide exactly what your clients need–from the beginning investor to the highly savvy and complex Ultra High Net Worth investor. We also offer portfolio consulting services to support your needs, and real-time market updates, weekly market commentary and trade notes to keep you and your clients in the know on what’s happening with their investments.

Wealth Designed Life Defined

Our process for uncovering clients’ True Wealth is thorough, precise and personalized. We call our approach the “Wealth Designed. Life Defined.” process – to help you understand our methodology in helping clients reach a higher purpose with their wealth.

Wealth Designed Life Defined

We follow an optimized, 4-step investment process to simplify the investment experience and make it a positive one for all involved.

Get to know clients at a deeper level, using our proprietary digital client experience. Determine risk tolerance and long-term financial goals and objectives to develop the foundation of the client financial plan.
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Conduct a portfolio stress test and design a personalized financial plan using our advisor dashboard.
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Educate clients on the investment strategies available, and make personalized portfolio recommendations.
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Client and advisor define the preferred communication strategy. Proactive, transparent communication is the cornerstone of the Carson Group Partners client experience.
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Quarterly Market Outlook

Check out the most-recent Quarterly Market Outlook presentation from our Investment Committee, comprised of a dedicated Chief Investment Officer, a team of portfolio managers as well as fundamental and technical analysts and strategists.
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