Robert Sofia: Why Marketing Matters and Doing Things Differently

Posted on April 12, 2021
On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Robert Sofia, CEO of Snappy Kraken and marketing expert helping financial advisors package their value. As a kid, Robert never had the…
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Practical Tips from Our Behavioral Finance Week Guests

By: Carson Group
It’s easy to forget, with the technological concerns on one side and the market pressures on the other, that we deal with people first and foremost. Flesh-and-blood clients have powerful…

Kevin Mayeux: Adding Value and Building a Strategic Plan That Sticks

By: Jamie Hopkins
On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Kevin Mayeux, CEO of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA). At just 11, Kevin started his own lawn mowing…

Jennifer Tarsney: Educating Women and the Importance of Mentorship

By: Jamie Hopkins
 On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Jennifer Tarsney, Director of Practice Management at New York Life Investments. Jennifer remembers selling chocolate bars in grade school. But other…

Intentionality, Self-Awareness, and Leading by Example with Dr. Joy Lere

By: Jamie Hopkins
On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Dr. Joy Lere, a licensed clinical psychologist with a focus on behavioral finance. Dr. Lere helps patients upgrade their lives, financially and…

Advisor Trust, The Impact of Cognitive Decline, and Planning Beyond Retirement with Dr. Anna Madamba

By: Jamie Hopkins
In this special Behavioral Finance Week episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Dr. Anna Madamba. Anna is a Senior Investment Strategist at Vanguard. Her research has focused primarily on behavioral…

Investing Influences and Stock Market Gamification with Dr. Vicki Bogan

By: Jamie Hopkins
We continue with our Behavioral Finance Week as Jamie talks with Dr. Vicki Bogan. Vicki teaches at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. Her research focuses on…
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