Posted on February 25, 2017

Are You Sitting On Cash?

Tune in every Saturday to hear Ron Carson and selected guests on the “Wealth From Wisdom” radio show and podcast. As an advisor, why should you listen? You’ll get valuable tips on practice management and client retention, while also experiencing first-hand how we help advisors with their marketing. The “Wealth From Wisdom” show is part of the marketing and business development plan that advisors receive through Alliance Partnership. The show is broadcast in several local markets (as well as on iTunes/Android) where we have advisor partners and drives client leads for those advisors. This client lead generation is just one way we help our partners grow their practice.

You think you’re playing it safe by sitting on the sidelines, but sitting on cash is more dangerous than investing. In fact, according to recent research, you’re 10X more likely to run out of money in retirement by sitting on cash. So, you need to provide a strategy to your clients to put their money to work for them. How often do you sit across from a new client who is sitting on the sidelines in cash? Are you focused on minimizing risk? Tune in to Ron Carson this week on “Wealth From Wisdom” to learn why sitting on cash could be a dangerous play.