Brittney Castro: Social Media and Brand Marketing for Financial Advisors

Brittney Castro

In this episode, Jamie and Ana talk with Brittney Castro, Founder and CEO of Financially Wise Inc., a financial education and media company.

After 15 years of financial planning, Brittney transitioned to creating financial literacy content and hosting financial wellness programs catered to big companies and financial advisors. As a result, she has become a go-to expert on finance and marketing for national media outlets.

Brittney talks with Jamie and Ana about how to build a successful brand, how the pandemic forced advisors and RIAs to transition to digital communication, and why financial advisors should be in Tiktok.

Key Takeaways

  • How Brittney started her RIA.
  • Have a great (virtual) mentor.
  • The secrets to building a successful brand.
  • Why being bold in brand marketing works.
  • Why authenticity matters.
  • How to create authentic content for advisors.
  • How Brittney has grown a virtual RIA in the middle of a pandemic
  • How consistency connected Brittney to high-profile clients.
  • Brittney’s list of top brands to keep an eye on and learn from.
  • TikTok 101 for financial advisors.
  • Legacy and why it’s important.

“I think a lot of advisors want to just copy and paste. And it doesn’t work. Especially now. The content that really sticks is people’s voice and their personality coming through in the content.” – Brittney Castro


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