In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Joel Bruckenstein, the producer of the annual T3 Advisor Conference, the premier technology conference for independent financial advisors. Joel also runs the T3 Enterprise Conference, an annual gathering of top executives from independent broker/dealers and large RIAs.

Joel is a forthright, no-nonsense advisor who speaks his mind on issues in the FinTech and advising world. He got his start on the foreign exchange and trading derivatives. When he was asked to move overseas, he decided to become a full-time RIA.

Jamie and Joel talk about why it’s important to have a solid technology strategy, bringing the industry into the future, and why it will take more than just CFPs to get the industry where it needs to be.

“Broadly speaking, a lot of times when people come to me, it’s because, ‘I need a new CRM software’ or, ‘I need new financial planning software.’ Really, the bigger problem they have is a lack of a technology strategy, or it’s more of a practice management and a workflow issue. I always say if you’ve got lousy workflows and you automate them, you’re just going to be automating lousy workflows. ~ @intechie

Main Takeaways

  • Fiduciaries are lagging behind in tech because they are, by nature, cautious.
  • Financial planning is coming to the forefront of wealth management and, because of that, advisors will have to expand their offering in the future.
  • If you’re looking for help, first see if your workflow and technology strategies are competitive in your field.
  • The industry at-large needs more than just CFPs. It needs creatives, programmers, etc., to help push the financial planning world into the future.
  • Cybersecurity is one of the largest threats to the industry and education needs to be in place to train advisors on how to stay safe online.

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Jamie Hopkins

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