In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Morgen Rochard, the founder of Origin Wealth Advisors, a financial planning firm based in Bee Cave, TX. Morgen is also the host of the Money Owners podcast and is a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Morgen was always interested in numbers. Though she has worked in financial services since 2008, she didn’t become deeply interested in cryptocurrency until she met her husband in 2013.

Even though she’s built a career in financial services, Morgen started as a pre-med student. Realizing that germs didn’t quite suit her disposition, she quickly transitioned to studying economics. She was lucky enough to get a job on the American Stock Exchange early on and she never looked back.

Morgen talks with Jamie about her winding road to financial planning, the drawbacks of working for the big firms versus having your own, and what planners miss with their content messaging. She also provides insight into the challenges of writing and the future of cryptocurrency.

(31:18) “I did feel a sense of loyalty, to my team and to the clients that we served, but not in the same way that I feel now with my clients. My clients and my firm, they’re my family. I will do anything for them. These people matter to me and my firm is second to that. ~ @MorgenRochard

Main Takeaways

  • Changes in career or changes in the direction of your career can come at any time in unexpected ways. Whether you take the leap willingly or circumstances require it, a career change will always require learning new things and working hard.
  • For most big firms, the firm matters more than the client. This can hamper the way you’d like to be involved in your clients’ financial life and can stunt innovation and growth.
  • When creating financial content, too many fail to address both practical-focused and behavioral-focused information, instead sticking to one or the other. It’s important to have a balance of financial action items and lifestyle content for your audience.

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