In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Jason Ray, the founder and CEO of  Zenith Wealth Partners, a financial planning firm in Philadelphia. Jason and his team are also members of the Association for African-American Advisors.

Growing up in the suburbs of Detroit, Jason was surrounded by financial hardship. Hearing about pensions and bankruptcies as a child stoked his interest in finances and business.

That curiosity and interest only grew as he got older, eventually studying at Princeton where he was exposed to many different kinds of people and backgrounds.

Jason was fascinated by the diversity he saw, and felt a growing passion to make good financial decisions and help others do the same. That passion, and lots of hard work, landed him a job at a wealth management firm right out of college, where his focus and drive eventually lead to the founding of Zenith Wealth Partners.

Jason talks with Jamie about his background in sports and how he ultimately ended up in the financial planning world. They also do a deep dive into why content creation is so important for your firm and your clients.

(32:48) “It’s all about creation. We’ve got to show clients that we’re learning new topics and we’re creating things around it to explain it to them. I think it’s important for us to explore new things. And there’s no better way to do that, in my mind at least, than to . ~ @Jason Ray

Main Takeaways

  • Don’t wallow in missed opportunities. With hard work and curiosity, you can pivot and find a new goal or trajectory.
  • Financial professionals play a large role in helping people make decisions, so it’s your responsibility to ensure that those choices are informed choices.
  • It’s important to keep creating content and show your clients that you’re not only listening to them, but that you’re continually researching and learning new things to benefit them.
  • Tracking the experiences and successes of clients when they’re under your care is a great way to leave them with positive emotions and financial confidence for the future.

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