How You and Your Advisory Firm Can Achieve More Through Blueprinting

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Think about the most inspiring leaders you know. They tend to be passionate about the possibilities of the future. They’re usually optimistic and hopeful about what’s to come.

Great leaders don’t stumble into a vision that inspires and energizes them. They intentionally create a clear vision that inspires and energizes them and as a result, attracts high-potential, passionate people to their firms.

Ron Carson, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Founder and CEO of Carson Group, puts it this way: Your utmost priority as the leader of your firm should be empowering those around you with clarity and confidence about why your firm exists.

Ron started blueprinting early in his career, and he often promulgates the power of blueprinting as one reason he stayed energized, inspired and excited about his vision and his goals for what he wanted to create and build.

In this blog, you’ll learn five of the most vital ingredients for successfully completing the blueprinting process. First, let’s get on the same page as to why blueprinting is so critical.

Why is Blueprinting Vital for My Success?

Being more reactive than proactive is a symptom of a lack of vision. If you feel that most days you show up in the office with your extinguisher in hand, ready to put out fires all day long, you’re lacking a vision that inspires, energizes and empowers you to proactively move the ball farther downfield, faster. And if you don’t know what vision is guiding you forward, do you think your team does?

As the leader of your firm, it’s your duty to create a vision that inspires you and your entire team.

When you go through the Blueprinting process, you’ll come out with an authentic, compelling vision that energizes you to lead your team to the success that you desire and deserve.

If you want to transform your life and your business, you must spend the time, effort, and energy working diligently and intentionally through the Blueprinting process.

Here are five key ingredients for successfully completing your Blueprinting exercise.

1. Dream Big

Leave your limited thinking at the door when you step into whatever room you’re going to work through your Blueprinting in. The Blueprinting process has no space for limiting beliefs. When you step into your time and space for Blueprinting, give yourself permission to dream big and believe in the truth of human potential. Virtually anything is possible in this headspace. Don’t spend a single moment thinking about what’s not possible. Dream big.

2. Be Energized

Dreaming big takes energy. You must be in the optimal mental, emotional and physical state to maximize the time and energy that you invest into the Blueprinting process. What energizes you? Start your Blueprinting day doing things that will raise your energy level.

A few examples:

  • Get enough sleep the two nights leading up to your Blueprinting day
  • Eat a nutritious meal to fuel you as you start the day
  • Hydrate adequately during the day
  • Listen to music that pumps you up
  • Exercise or go for a walk

3. Get Away

Work through Blueprinting in a different location than you typically work. Your office is not the ideal place to do Blueprinting – neither is your home.  Find a quiet, local coffee shop or check into a local hotel. Elite advisors have found these strategies help them get in the mental and emotional space they need to maximize their Blueprinting efforts.

4. Take Time

Do not rush through Blueprinting. It’s a time-consuming venture. Don’t expect to complete it in just a couple of hours. Many advisors tell us that they spend anywhere from four to eight hours – or more! – working through Blueprinting.

We suggest you block off an entire day for Blueprinting. If you only schedule a couple of hours in the middle of the day, you’re more likely to be easily distracted by other meetings, appointments, emails, and phone calls. Blueprinting is a vital exercise for maximizing your potential and creating an outstanding life and business. Give it the time it deserves.

5. Stay Open

Allow yourself to stay open to possibilities. Ideas and visions might come to you as you work through the Blueprinting process that you’ve never considered before. Sometimes, the advisors we coach tell us that they were struck by an idea or vision that they’ve never had before as they worked through the Blueprinting process. This doesn’t happen for everyone every time, so don’t be discouraged if you don’t have a major aha! moment. Still, stay open to whatever ideas, visions and goals come to you as you work through the process.

These five ingredients for successfully completing the Blueprinting process are simple and powerful.

Remember, the Blueprinting Guide that you complete is a living, breathing, evolving document. It’s never the “final” copy. It can always be updated, adapted, and improved.

The first step is to decide to do it. I invite you to commit to working through the Blueprinting process. In order to commit, pick a date – yes, right now – and schedule it on your calendar.  Make it happen. Your future successful self will thank you.

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