On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Jacqueline Campbell, CEO of Alexander Legacy Private Wealth Management. Jacqueline has a passion for advancing undiscovered talent and attracting new innovators and thought leaders.

If Jacqueline wanted anything as a child, she had to work for it. Hours at her mother’s CPA firm and shifts at a slew of ice cream trucks earned her fun money and financial freedom. Her early exposure to customer service and grinding for every dollar solidified Jacqueline’s strong work ethic. She even landed a full-time job at 18 and eventually gained a Bachelor’s degree debt-free.

But by the time she graduated high school, Jacqueline’s family legacy had begun to unravel as her parents divorced. While stressful, the inside look at familial financial conflict pushed Jacqueline to pursue a career advising others in similar situations. After rising up the ranks in wealth management, Jacqueline had the confidence to pursue a role in diversity and inclusion.

Jacqueline talks with Jamie about the importance of having a trust,  philanthropy as a wealth-driver, and why confidence and hard work can outweigh your resume.

“Advisors want to feel like they can be engaged with their manager. Many of them don’t leave because of more money, they leave because of leadership. They leave because the leadership in the culture is a mismatch. And so part of the work was, how do we get people engaged so that they’re sticking, so that they don’t go and take the next offer, so they see this as a firm that they want to retire at and attract more people like them to join and be part of a growing and ever-changing demographic.” ~ Jacqueline Campbell

Main Takeaways

  • Having a trust is an important step in sustaining your family’s generational wealth. Ideally, your wealth should outlive you and provide for family members to come.
  • Giving back is an important wealth-building step. For every dollar that comes in, a few cents should always be donated back out.
  • Investing in your advisors’ mental health and wellness is necessary for creating a firm that attracts top talent. It’s important to meet people where they are and invest in people who invest in themselves.

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