In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Adam Holt of Asset-Map, a financial software company that helps families focus on what matters, make more engaged and confident decisions, and reach their financial goals.

Adam started out in financial services around the time of the dotcom boom, and though he thought about going into investment banking, the idea of constant traveling wasn’t appealing to him. He started looking into financial services jobs locally and got his CFP early on. He was providing financial planning for free while selling insurance as his main gig, which was a differentiator at the time.

Though he didn’t have an analytical background, Adam found that he was good at figuring out what his clients really wanted and then helping them get there without burying them in analytical jargon. His journey to Asset-Map was born out of his own practice and experiences.

Adam talks with Jamie about his journey to Asset-Map, how the bar for financial planning clients is going to rise in the future, and his bold predictions for the FinTech world and the commoditization of financial planning.

“I think it’s an interesting question to see what advice delivery is going to look like in the future. Especially since now that many of us are remote. Everybody delivering advice, not in person, but being called upon to give more feedback about how people are doing, even when they’re not asking for it. ~ @assetmapllc

Main Takeaways

  • The best client profilers are those who know how to ask good questions and get to the core of the issue. There’s almost always more issues under the surface that a client is concerned about.
  • It’s important to strike a good balance of information gathering, but not making your clients feel like they have homework to do before their meetings.
  • Advisors of the future will be giving feedback to their clients’ financial health even when they’re not asking for it. In short, advisors will have to be proactive in order to survive.
  • Data privacy laws are pushing the industry toward client-owned financial data. This means that advisors will be more like a quarterback, essentially borrowing the data while advising, instead of owning it.

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