Mentoring, Leading, and Asking Questions with Sheryl Hickerson

Sheryl Hickerson

In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Sheryl Hickerson. Sheryl is the founder of Females & Finance, an international speaker, and a sought-after social media voice. Today, she recalls how she accidentally got into finance at 19, what to expect from and look for in mentors, why it’s important to ask questions and why diversity is so important in building your experience as an advisor.

Sheryl got into the financial services industry quite by accident. She arrived in San Francisco by way of St. Louis and found herself in need of a job quickly. She copied resume formats from a book and started faxing them out. By chance, she faxed one of them to the wrong number and ended up with MassMutual offering her a job.

She made her way from answering phones to managing accounts and then went on to an estate planning office where she picked up even more industry knowledge. Over time, she transitioned into brokerage agencies and investment firms, learning everything she could along the way and maintaining her gregarious personality.

Sheryl and Jamie talk about how important mentorship has been in her life, how to ask questions as a way of learning and evolving, and how to grow as a leader. She also discusses the importance of genuine curiosity in her life and how you can cultivate that curiosity in your own practice.

“I think any mentor, or supporter, or champion, or however you define that, whoever you decided on as a personal advisory board, find the people who see the value in you, but that challenge the way you think and challenge the way you behave toward certain things so that you can grow into your very best self. And when you don’t feel that challenge, you probably need new mentors, new supporters. ~ @BionicSocialite

Main Takeaways

  • Mentors are there to help you grow. If you don’t feel they are doing that, it’s time to look for new ones.
  • Asking questions is normal and getting over the fear of asking questions can be the thing that sets you on the path to success in your career.
  • There are only two ways to get thought leadership out. You can speak it or you can write it. Preferably, do both. If you can do that, you can differentiate yourself.
  • You reward yourself by getting to know those who are different than you and it makes you a better advisor in the process.

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