Posted on February 18, 2017

This One Mistake Could Cost You Thousands of Dollars

Tune in every Saturday to hear Ron Carson and selected guests on the “Wealth From Wisdom” radio show and podcast. As an advisor, why should you listen? You’ll get valuable tips on practice management and client retention, while also experiencing first-hand how we help advisors with their marketing. The “Wealth From Wisdom” show is part of the marketing and business development plan that advisors receive through Alliance Partnership. The show is broadcast in several local markets (as well as on iTunes/Android) where we have advisor partners and drives client leads for those advisors. This client lead generation is just one way we help our partners grow their practice.

One of the biggest and most expensive mistakes you could ever make in retirement is overpaying your taxes. Ron Carson sees this happen time and time again. In first-time meetings, clients are focused on fees, expenses and investment returns. But what they don’t realize is that not having a strategy to withdraw money from their IRA, 401K, or other retirement accounts will cost them far more in taxes, penalties and fees. It could easily cost them thousands and thousands of dollars. And once this happens, there’s no going back.

The IRS is not very forgiving about these things. On this “Wealth From Wisdom” show, Ron will reveal how you could avoid these retirement tax traps and some little-known strategies that could help save you thousands of dollars in retirement so you can keep this money for yourself.