Welcome to the New Bull Market

Posted on June 6, 2023
“If you torture numbers enough, they will tell you anything.”   -Yogi Berra, Yankee great and Hall of Fame catcher Don’t shoot the messenger, but historically,  it is widely considered …
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J.J. Peller: Unleashing Your Potential

By: Jamie Hopkins
At certain junctures in our personal or professional lives, it's common to experience a sense of being stuck. For most people, the reason they feel stuck is because they …

The Leading Indicator That’s Pointing Away From a Recession

By: Sonu Varghese
It's hard to get away from continued recession calls, even as several data points suggest the opposite. For example: Employment: running strong Retail sales: rebounded in April Manufacturing: signs …

The Future Is Bright

By: Ryan Detrick
"No one will out care us." Ron Carson at Partner Summit Last week was a great week for the Carson Group and our Investment Research team as we held …

Four More Reasons the Bulls Are Smiling

By: Ryan Detrick
Last month, I wrote about some bullish events taking place in Three More Bullish Signals The Bears Don’t Want To See, and it was a very popular blog. Well, …

We Now See a Path to Lower Inflation

By: Sonu Varghese
April’s CPI inflation data came in at expectations. Headline inflation rose 0.4% and is now up 4.9% over the past year. That is well below the peak rate of …
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Take in the Music City During Your Excell Visit

By: Erin Cox
Excell has a new home in 2023, and with it comes the opportunity to explore a new city. Excell falls in the middle of the week – Tuesday to …
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