Ann Garcia: Helping Families Pay for College

Posted on May 16, 2022
Student loan forgiveness is a hot topic, but not a new one. Neither is the idea of free college. Many people with young kids think they don't need to …
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Focus On These 7 Investing Fundamentals To Make Your Money Go Further In Retirement

By: Carson Group
Tune in every Saturday to hear Ron Carson and selected guests on the "Wealth From Wisdom" radio show and podcast. As an advisor, why should you listen? You’ll get valuable …

Investor Reactions to Attacks

By: Scott Kubie
While terrorism continues to draw headlines and substantial news coverage, investors are no longer reacting to new terror events by pushing markets lower. Over the last twelve months, the …
Business Management

Picking, Riding or Gathering: What type of Financial Advisor are you?

By: Carson Group
Much is said in our profession—especially lately with the changes implemented by the DoL amendment of the definition of fiduciary—about the difference between advisors. The distinction between commissioned, fee-based …
Business Management

Passive vs. Active Investing

By: Carson Group
One of the biggest debates in the investment world right now is the question of whether investors are better served by active or passive approaches. Each camp makes passionate …

Knowing the Numbers: Portfolio Performance

By: Derek Vanosdall
One of the primary questions that clients have for their financial advisor is “What’s my portfolio’s performance?” Many investors have a threshold for their portfolio’s expected return. Reporting the …
Business Management

Are You Asking the Right Questions?

By: Andrew Rogers
As investment analysts we always need to be aware of the current market environment and its impact on companies in our coverage lists. At times these factors can be …

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