Emerging Tech Week: Possibilities and Threats Facing the Future of Fintech

Posted on September 17, 2020
Emerging Tech Week on the Framework podcast was an eye-opening tour through the world of fintech. We learned what has disrupted the system and what will keep on changing it…
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Marketing & Business Development

4 Reasons why Financial Advisors need a Marketing Plan

By: Carson Group
Frequently we hear from financial advisors that they are more comfortable on the “left brain” numbers side of the business than on the “right brain” more subjective-feeling marketing and sales…
Practice Management

10 Tricks for Maximizing Technology Efficiency in Your Practice

By: Quin Kilgore
In my role with the Client Experience Optimizer (CEO) team here, I spend every day focused on technology, productivity and efficiency. Most of us spend 8 (or more) hours on…

Process Makes Perfect: Optimize Your Financial Advisory Practice

By: Carson Group
Growing up as the youngest of eight kids in a military family, I knew how to follow orders...from everybody. Orders came from my parents, my five older sisters, my two older…
Practice Management

Staying’s Worse Than Leaving: Successfully Transitioning Your Business

By: Lisa Synowicki
When the pain of staying with your current broker dealer far exceeds the pain of leaving, you know making a change is essential. However, how prepared you are for this…

Iron Chef vs. Julia Child: Customized or Personalized Investment Portfolios?

By: Carson Group
Are you creating customized investment solutions or personalized investment solutions? Do you know the difference? PERSONALIZE: to design or tailor to meet an individual's specifications, needs, or preferences CUSTOMIZE: to…
Practice Management

How to Live a Steve Jobs Life—On Your Own Terms

By: Scott Ford
“If you don’t set priorities for yourself, life will live you, not the other way around.” No one put this better than Steve Jobs in his commencement speech at Stanford…
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