In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Hannah Moore, a Certified Financial Planner, financial planner educator and owner of Guiding Wealth.

Hannah almost didn’t become a CFP; she was set on the path at the last minute by one of her professors. He saw that not only did she have an aptitude for planning, she also had a gift for figuring out how to reach people.

Hannah talks with Jamie about her early career, her passion for educating fellow planners, and her plans for showing young people how rewarding and creative a career as a CFP can be.

(24:00) “You need to have clear expectations and be putting your money where your mouth is. If you’re really saying somebody is going to be your succession plan, what does that look like? Put those agreements in place.” ~ @HannahMooreCFP

Main Takeaways

  • How do you view the younger planners in your firm? Are they there just to support your lifestyle, or are they brilliant planners in their own right who can bring innovation and new business to the firm? Either is fine as long as they understand your views.
  • Have a firm succession plan and timeline in place. It’s unfair to younger advisors for you to be perpetually in a state of “five years from retiring”. A big part of your identity is being a CFP, be sure you have something to retire to, plans for the new phase of your life.
  • The onus is not on the client to learn; it is on us to teach. Clients aren’t bad with money because they don’t do what we do; we simply haven’t found a way to reach them. Financial planning isn’t one size fits all. It’s up to us to learn how our clients engage and meet them where they are.
  • We are artists at what we do. Artists create to create, not for a specific outcome. The inherent joy in creating for the sake of it provides motivation, change and can improve the quality of our work.

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