We are excited to welcome Saumen Chattopadhyay, CFA®, CPA, FCA, as our new VP, Investment Platform.

He moved from Chicago to Omaha, along with his wife and daughter, to join us at our headquarters in Omaha. Saumen has over 20 years of Asset Management experience holding senior leadership positions with institutions and investment firms. He came from Convex Capital Management where he was the Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

Prior to Convex, Saumen was the Head of Investment Management at Jackson National Asset Management and the Director of Quantitative Management at Harbor Capital Advisors, and the Lead Portfolio Manager of Harbor Target Date Funds. With that introduction, let’s hear from Saumen.

Why are you excited to join Carson?

I would like to explain this using the Boston Consulting (BCG) Model, which is used for evaluation of the strategic position of a business and its potential. It classifies business portfolios into four categories – Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows or Dogs – based on growth rate and market share.

I believe Carson Group is quickly transitioning from a Question Mark to a Star with high growth and market share. Carson is poised for tremendous growth fueled by technological evolution, love-affair marketing and the passion of transforming others for a better future. I am excited to join Carson to be on this growth curve and feel I can bring innovative ideas to help make the complex simple for investors and advisors alike.

What background and expertise are you looking forward to applying in this new role at Carson?

I come to Carson with a background in institutional asset management and expertise in manager research, strategy due diligence, evaluation and asset allocation. I spent the last 23 years gaining deep insights into capital markets and how investment strategies work in an investor’s portfolio. I started my career at a central bank, learning how the capital market works in tandem with economies.

I joined Harbor Capital in 2003 and was trained in manager research, fund evaluation and asset allocation. I managed Harbor Target Date Funds and was involved with Harbor International Fund. From Harbor I moved on to Jackson National to take over the responsibility of their platform as the CIO. Besides the responsibility of overseeing 87 funds in Jackson’s platform and managing nine “funds of funds,” my biggest accomplishment was launching Jackson’s Elite Access platform with alternative investments. I brought liquid alts to Jackson advisors and helped them build risk-managed portfolios. I had a stint at Concorde Investments where I built asset allocation models for their advisors.

In 2012, I started my own firm, Convex Capital Management, to manage investment models based on macroeconomic research around the globe and assessment of volatility across capital markets. We also built advisory solutions to automatically map an investor to an asset allocation model based on risk tolerance, behavioral characteristics and goals.

I believe my wide spectrum of knowledge and experience will be an asset for Carson’s growth. I look forward to working with the advisors and creating the best possible experience for them. I would like to empower Carson partners so they can deliver the “best of the best” experience to their clients. My goal is to build the highest level of trust as an investment partner.

How will partners benefit from you taking the helm of our investment strategies?

I see this being broken into four areas:

  • Portfolio Mapping: I would like to simplify the portfolio mapping process for advisors with guided asset allocation and automation.
  • Asset Allocation: I plan to extend my expertise to partners and help them create the best practical portfolios for their clients.
  • Strategy Due Diligence and Evaluation: I want to spearhead an effort of strategy due diligence and evaluation based on qualitative and quantitative criteria.
  • Content and Education: Given my experience of creating content for research and education, I believe I could be helpful in producing content on various investment topics as well as providing educational materials on important concepts related to investment, risk analysis and portfolio management.

What was the best piece of advice you ever received when it came to investment management?

Asset allocation drives investment success.

What opportunity do you see in expanding our investment platform for advisors and their clients?

First, I am interested in building a mapping tool that would take into account a client’s risk tolerance questionnaire, behavioral assessment and goals, and then map them to the best practical portfolio for a client. This tool would be driven by artificial intelligence and would ease the heavy load of portfolio mapping during transformation. Second, I see a great opportunity to build a tax-efficient solution for taxable accounts. Lastly, I see opportunities for offering robust investment solutions that would incorporate index future, currency forwards, total return swaps, etc.

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