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Wall Street managers have cost Americans more than $600 billion over the past decade

Over the last decade, fund managers who oversee the pensions of the nation’s teachers, firefighters, police and other government workers have doubled down on an investment strategy that has cost U.S. taxpayers at least $600 billion, possibly more than $1 trillion, investment data and calculations by Yahoo Finance found. Continue reading


Bloomberg Markets: Tesla Plans Plant in China

Bloomberg Markets with Carol Massar.

GUEST: Ron Carson CEO Carson Group Discussing the markets and investing. Continue reading


Carson Group plans to buy stake in $577m Florida RIA

The Carson Group plans to purchase a to-be-determined equity stake in Florida-based RIA Ruggie Wealth Management and has put the firm on its investment platform, the RIA roll-up said Tuesday. Continue reading


Carson Group Expects to Surpass $9 Billion AUM by End of 2018

Carson Group Partners expects to surpass $9 billion in assets under management before the end of 2018 as it onboards advisory teams overseeing an aggregate of $3.6 billion in the second half of the year. Continue reading


Carson Group Adds $613M From New Partners in Q2

Omaha-based Carson Group says it is adding about $613 million in assets based on nine partner firms that joined it during the second quarter—which should bring total assets under management to over $6 billion. Plus, it expects $3.6 billion in assets to move onto its platform over the next six months, and that would bring its AUM to $9 billion by year-end. Continue reading


Carson Group Adds $613M in Committed Assets Under Management in Q2; Acquires New Investment Strategy QBI

OMAHA, Neb., July 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Carson Group, a family of companies committed to being the most trusted for financial advice and guidance via service to both advisors and investors, today announced that, in Q2, it had added $613 million in committed assets. This now brings the firm’s assets under management (AUM) to $6.1 billion. Continue reading


Carson Group Expands Investment Platform with Addition of Quality Beta Investing

Carson Group has again expanded the comprehensive investment platform that allows our Partner advisors to provide an exceptional investment experience to their clients. We are excited to announce that Quality Beta Investing (QBI) is now a part of Carson Group. Continue reading


2 factors will make or break your company, says Charles Koch

These last few years, we have seen a new generation of disruptive technology begin to influence our preferences and behavior, from the way we do business to the way we live. Whether you look at advanced artificial intelligence, language-translating earbuds, self-driving vehicles or smart homes, technology has entangled its way into the fabric of our daily lives to the extent that we find it difficult to delineate when or where its influence begins and ends. Continue reading


Carson Group Buying Stakes in Partners

RIA firms are always looking for cash to fund their growth, and aggregators are stepping up to provide it. The latest is Carson Group, which is offering to buy a 25% equity stake in its partners firms’ businesses. Continue reading