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Will Ron Carson’s $52M tech gamble finally pay off?

Ron Carson’s goal is to become part of a select group of “super firms” that he thinks will dominate the industry in the decade to come. The plan hinges, at least partly, on the success of his firm’s $52 million investment in technology.

As chief of one of the largest advisory services firms, Carson has already sunk millions of dollars into the firm’s technology stack in the past five years. It may finally start to pay dividends. Revenue is up 243% over the last five years, the firm says, and it expects to tack on $3 billion in new assets this year alone. Continue reading


Financial Tips 2018: How to get ahead on taxes, savings and insurance

It’s 2018 and now’s the time to get your finances in order.

To help you and your family make all the right money moves next year, here’s a financial game plan that could help you grow your 401(k), avoid financial ruin and adjust to the new tax rules signed into law by President Trump. Continue reading


RIA Industry Poised for Big Year in M&A

Look for more excitement on the M&A front this year, as deep-pocketed RIAs move to grow through consolidation.

Multi-billion-dollar firms like Savant Capital Management, Mariner Wealth Advisors and Carson Group have built up war chests to compete across a field in which acquirers heavily outnumber their targets. Continue reading


What’ll Cause Next Market Downturn?

Today’s article is by Scott Kubie, CFA, Senior Investment Strategist of Omaha, Nebraska-based Carson Group.

A stock’s long-term value is derived from three factors: growth, cash flow and risk. As the equation below shows, the constant growth model estimates fair value by dividing the cash flow one year from now by the difference between the required rate of return and the constant growth estimate. Continue reading


Carson Sees Monolithic Branding as a Key to Growth

Carson Group Holdings has rebranded its subsidiaries to bring them in line with the “Carson” name. In so doing, the Omaha, Neb.-based company hopes to strengthen its attraction for industry talent and clients alike in a push to shape its own destiny against a backdrop of rapid consolidation. Continue reading


Carson Group Rebranded

Carson Group on FAMag: Two of the entities in the Carson Group, a conglomerate of companies based in Omaha, Neb., serving advisors and investors, are rebranding Continue reading


Carson Group Eyes an Acquisition Spree

Backed by private equity, top advisor Ron Carson and his firm are poised to go on an acquisition tear, Financial Planning reports. Continue reading


Carson Group Announces Rebranding

Carson Group on WealthManagement.Com: embarking on a rebrand to align and simplify various business offerings to improve advisor support and keep up with the forces changing the wealth management industry Continue reading


Carson Group Renames 2 Business Units

Carson Group in ThinkAdvisor: Its institutional business has grown assets under advisement to about $8.6 billion in the past three years Continue reading