Posted on October 24, 2018

How to pick yourself up and make more money in stocks after the volatile market drops

Paul West, managing partner and lead advisor for Carson Wealth, which works with many affluent investors, said he is not giving clients guidance that “sunny skies” are on the horizon: “We have moved from partly sunny to partly cloudy, not a full storm, but more clouds than before as we look at it.”

There are three reasons for this view which knowledgeable investors should already have on their radar

Rates are one factor, but not the rise in the benchmark interest rate in and of itself — it’s the sticker shock homebuyers will see with mortgage rates above 5 percent, West said. “We think people will have a hard time once they go apply for a 30-year mortgage and see it above 5 percent. People have not seen that and it will be a psychological barrier.”