Marketing for the Moment: Turning Events Into Experiences Your Clients & Prospects will Never Forget

The biggest challenge facing growth-minded advisors today is how you can set your marketing apart to make a lasting impression on prospects and clients.

There are so many ways to do marketing, but few approaches rival experiences. In fact, 72% of people positively viewed brands that provide great experiences in 2018.1 Bottom line: Live events are one of the best ways to create lasting impressions with positive experiences.

And we’re not just talking your average advisor “chicken dinner.”

Minna Burns – Carson’s VP of Consumer Marketing – and Joe Steuter – Carson’s VP of Marketing Communication – join forces to bring you the best practices, latest trends and hottest tips for creating better events.

You’ll learn:

  • How to make the most of in-person experiences
  • The difference between a good event and a great experience
  • How to sell a feeling, not an event

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