4 Ways to Build a Team That Believes in Making an Impact

Posted on October 7, 2019

As more than 230 Carson Group stakeholders converge in Omaha this week for our annual two-day, companywide retreat, their presence reminds me of what it means to make an impact. It reminds me that, as advisers, we often forget the reach of our actions and underestimate the effect our businesses have on the lives around us — or better yet, the impact we could have if we were more intentional about connecting our company’s culture to the community.

Think about building an impact-driven culture on three levels: locally, nationally and globally. How are you involved with friends, family and individual passion-based projects? Maybe it’s donating time at your son or daughter’s school, supporting your own charity or foundation or donating resources, time, and energy to a recent, local natural disaster.

Expanding your lens to a national or global level may involve serving on boards, adopting an investment philosophy that aligns with ESG initiatives or partnering with larger organizations to extend your reach.

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