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Emily Rahav

Recruiting Specialist

As a Recruiting Specialist, Emily understands the value of people in an organization. A high-quality organization must have high-quality stakeholders. Emily works on strategies to improve Human Resources processes and ensures Carson Group remains active through community involvement.

Emily joined Carson Group in January 2017. She graduated from Creighton University with a BSBA in International Business and Marketing. Prior to joining Carson Group, Emily held internships in Human Resources, Supply Chain Management and Marketing. During her time at Creighton, she completed the four-year Anna Tyler Waite Leadership Program and continues to develop her leadership skills.

Emily grew up all over the world in Montreal, Hong Kong and Austria and loves to travel and learn about different cultures. In her spare time, she cooks and experiments with new vegetarian recipes. She also enjoys reading and belongs to a book club.

Getting to know Emily

Favorite food: Thai curry

Best piece of financial advice received: Know where your money goes. Her father taught her how to put together a budget and to review it monthly. This eliminates the mystery of where any income is allocated.

Favorite TV Show: Wentworth