Posted on January 31, 2018

StoryBrand: Insider Economic Advice to Help Business Leaders Win Big


These days, our economy shifts and evolves at light speed. It can be overwhelming and intimidating just to follow along with the news.

But if you lead a business, you need to understand how these big-level marketplace changes affect your company. When you do, you’ll feel empowered to make smarter decisions about how you hire and invest.

In this episode of the Building a StoryBrand podcast, Donald Miller talks with economist and investment expert Ron Carson about the many economic issues that impact a business leader.

You’ll discover what the new tax plan means for you, how to spot a strong financial opportunity, specific investment ideas for today’s market, what to watch out for when you hire a financial advisor, what’s really happening with blockchain technology — plus a whole lot more.

You don’t have to feel intimidated or overwhelmed by economics. Listen to this episode and discover how a better grasp of economics can make a huge difference in your small business’s bottom line.