Investment Platform Built for Flexibility

The right mix of investments to power your story.

Carson is where model-focused advisors come to thrive. You’ll have access to an expertly curated investment engine to drive your business forward —with the advice and support to do it at scale.

Support for Every Type of Financial Advisor

Be the advisor you want to be, no matter your investment management style. You’re the full decision maker, and we’re here to provide support every step of the way.

Invest in What You Know

From passive ETFs to alternatives, we partner with asset managers you’re familiar with.

Power Your Story

Mix and match platform options to create your optimal strategy.

Solutions for Every Need

The platform is curated, not constrained, and expands with the needs of your clients.

Expert Guidance

Custom advice from our team on how to get the most out of your asset allocations

Stone Ridge

Save time and simplify your models-based practice with a platform that’s curated, flexible and scalable.

Advisor-Managed Portfolios

Co-Sourced Allocation Models

Pro-Sourced Portfolios

Portfolio Allocation Models Illustration


Tight selection of investment choices that have undergone rigorous due diligence and are constantly monitored for suitability.


Interact with our platform however you want. Do your own allocations, have us work alongside you, or let us handle all the management. Mix and match anywhere along the spectrum, anytime you want.


The Model Allocation Builder makes it simple to build and monitor client models, and apply them quickly across large groups. No more making allocation changes one account at a time!

Meet the Carson Investments & Research Team

Ryan Detrick

Chief Market Strategist

Sonu Varghese

Vice President, Global Macro Strategist

Jessica Golson

SVP, Investments & Trading

Advice & Support

  • Thought leadership from industry-leading experts
  • Macro Morning call
  • Daily market updates
  • Marketing commentaries
  • Timely and timeless article and video content
  • Facts vs. Feelings podcast
  • In-depth context during marketing-moving events
  • Direct support via phone or email

Investments Insights

What’s Happening with Interest Rates

What’s Happening with Interest Rates

Is It Time to Worry About Inflation Again?

Is It Time to Worry About Inflation Again?

Are Democrats or Republicans Better for Stocks?

Are Democrats or Republicans Better for Stocks?

Managed Solutions

Building Blocks

Create your own portfolios from 150+ funds along with asset allocation advice.

Core/Satellite Approach

Used managed models as a portfolio’s core and customize them by adding investments aligned with your philosophy.

Fully Outsourced

Simplify by going all in on an expertly-managed House View solution.

Carson Investment Guidebook

Download the Carson Investment Guidebook

See every strategy, product and provider –
along with our investment philosophy.

Dynamic Investment Dashboard

Whether you’re looking for the latest market news, research on an investment strategy or our new house views, it’s all in one place – built right into your Carson tech stack.

Stacked Documents Illustration
Stacked Documents Illustration

“The investment team alleviates that time consumption for us to do those things that we’re interested in doing and really proficient at.”

Lawrence Sprung

Lawrence Sprung

Founder and Wealth Advisor, Mitlin Financial

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