M&A Opportunities
for Financial Advisors

Pursue accelerated growth through a proven mergers & acquisition strategy.

Acquiring an advisory practice can round out your service offering, consolidate administrative tasks, solve succession gaps, and create instant business growth. There’s just one problem: How do you find an advisor who fits your culture and is ready to sell or partner? We’re here to help.

Know the Value of Your Business

Equity is a key component in M&A deals. Know what your advisor business is worth before you give part of it away.

Firm’s AUM
Your Valuation:
Percentage of AUM Advisory Business

M&A Support Services for Financial Advisors

Extensive Valuation

Fully understand every factor that drives your business valuation and how it can affect your M&A efforts.

Marketing Support

We’ll help you identify potential advisors and communicate effectively, so you can focus on finding the right culture fit.

Due Diligence

The due diligence process can be a headache. We’ll lead the initial process to ensure you’re comfortable making a deal.

Effective Negotiations

We drive the negotiation process to ensure you receive a fair deal – or know when to walk away.

Acquisition Financing

When you’re ready to make a deal, we’ll help you raise the necessary capital.


Your new team members will work with our onboarding team to ensure that they are fully integrated into your firm.

The M&A team has helped me build out the structure to scale...that’s been instrumental and why we’ve been able to grow so quickly.
Michael Gold

Michael Gold

Founder, CEO, & Wealth Advisor, Gold Family Wealth

Why Acquire a Firm?


Many financial advisors don’t have a succession plan. Crafting an exit strategy that protects your clients and legacy now will let you focus on enjoying your business without worries about the future.

Expand Your Offering

No one financial can offer everything. Acquiring an advisory that specializes in areas you don’t can help round out your offering to attract a new client base

Quickly Grow Your Business

Acquiring another book of business beefs up your balance sheet faster than adding clients one at a time. Inorganic growth is a core strategy for firms who are focused on rapid, intentional growth.


Case Study

Leveraging Each Other's Strengths

In a single M&A deal, one Carson Partner expanded its service offering, created efficiency and spurred immediate growth.

M&A Insights

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Know Your Worth | Jacqueline Martinez

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Know Your Worth | Laura Delaney

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Know Your Worth | Tray Wiltse

Start Growing Through M&A

Strategic acquisitions are all about relationships and finding the right partner. Let’s discuss your inorganic growth goals and how we can help you achieve them.

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