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How FP Firms Can Attract Young Talent

In an age where financially savvy decision making and smart planning is more important than ever, the financial planning industry is facing an impending wave of retiring advisors over the next decade. Continue reading


Merger & Acquisition – Planning for Advisor Succession

Most advisors know they need a succession plan but don’t always make it a priority or know where to begin. So naturally, many of us look to our own internal teams. Continue reading


Carson Group Adds $1.2B in Committed Assets and 23 Stakeholders in Q3

OMAHA, Neb.Oct. 11, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Carson Group, a family of companies committed to being the most trusted for financial advice and guidance via service to both advisors and investors, today reported the firm added $1.2 billion in committed assets throughout Q3. The recently recognized Barron’s Top 40 RIA Firm* now manages $15B in assets under advisement, serving 18,731 families. Carson Group expects to have 92 partner firms in 37 states nationwide by year-end.. Continue reading


Ronsense: Carson Group Partners & In-N-Out

In this , & our team are excited to welcome to at a client event this past Sunday! We’re on-par to have 102 locations by year-end. What’s next? to energize us for this week, of course! Continue reading


Ronsense: Understand Consumer Expectations

Have you noticed the brands you’ve always known for great service just aren’t quite providing what they did in the past? Live from Orlando at in this , shares how he’s applied getting incrementally better & understanding consumer expectations. Continue reading


Webinar: Developing a Fool-Proof Hiring Process for Your Advisory Firm

Hiring the right people is one of the most important decisions CEOs and firm leaders can make.  Continue reading


Ronsense: Succession Planning with Ron’s Grandson

Debuting on #Ronsense, Ron’s grandson, Carson, helps share the message of succession planning. Do you have a succession plan? You can’t get started too soon (maybe 7 months old, though, is a bit early)! Continue reading


Ronsense: Just Because It’s Legal Doesn’t Mean It’s Right: Disclosures

In this #Ronsense, Ron shares how one of our partner advisors won a relationship after learning the client was working with a broker, who was not a fiduciary, and they were paying a significant markup on bonds. He reminds us “just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s right.” Hear more about this and disclosures. Continue reading


Fox Business: Ron Carson on Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Risk

Hear Ron Carson on Fox Business’ Varney & Co with Stuart Varney as they discuss the richest man in the world, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and consumers taking risk. Continue reading