Buying Back Your Firm

Posted on November 13, 2019

It’s clear from a conversation with Kabarec, a senior wealth advisor at Carson Wealth Palatine in Chicago, that he loves what he does and seems to cherish these days at work, more so than in the past, and understandably so. But in the years after the financial crisis, Kabarec, 70, was traveling weekly to Minnesota to attend to a sour deal after selling his firm in 2008.

These days, however, he is back to taking care of clients and getting in a round of golf as often as he can.

“We have come from the dark of night to the morning of sunshine,” says the soft-spoken Kabarec, referring to a period of turbulence with the sale of his former firm, Kabarec Financial Advisors Ltd., in October 2008 to the principals of Minnetonka, Minn.-based Mesa Holdings Inc. and Mesa Financial Advisors Inc.

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