COVID-19 Is Reshaping Business: 6 Tips For Coming Back Even Stronger

Posted on July 20, 2020

Like many of you, at Carson Wealth, we’ve been working remotely from our homes for weeks now. While social distancing and hunkering down at home feels strange to most of us, I’ve noticed that one of our team members has had a particularly tough time adjusting. A social animal by nature, she’s always the first to greet team members and clients coming through the door and spends a large part of her day roaming the office, checking on everyone’s wellbeing. Like all of us, she misses the camaraderie of the workplace, the natural ebb and flow of the workday, and most especially, her coworker’s friendly faces.

While she continues to do an admirable job as Chief Comfort Officer, I can tell this period of forced separation has been challenging for her. Nonetheless, she’s proved to be the most universally missed member of our team. I’m talking about my black Labrador Retriever and all-round best girl, Nelly.

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