Preparing For 2020: Make Sure Your Financial Bags Are Packed For Year’s End

Posted on December 26, 2019

There are few sights more American than a minivan or SUV with a precariously packed car-top carrier on the holiday family journey. You pack your suitcase, you repack the kids’ suitcases, you hope that plastic shell and all its bungee cords will hold, and you head off into the rising sun.

You’re packing list has to account for everything you’ll need. You don’t want to get to bedtime without that favorite blankie or forget to bring socks, so you go back over your list a couple times – just to make sure your luggage meets your needs. You pack one way for an overnight, another way for a two-week trek.

Financial planning is much the same this time of year. You’re wrapping up matters from this year and preparing for the journey of 2020. As you may have learned from stress of those family trips, the more you plan, the better.

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