Grow and Protect Your Book of Business

Healthy growth drives a healthy business, and well-run businesses know the importance of planning for the future. Carson Partners are paired with a dedicated mergers and acquisitions team with extensive experience in helping you pursue strategic transactions, advising you on inorganic growth efforts and supporting your M&A pursuits.

What does M&A look like for partner firms?

Understand the three primary paths forward for your firm in our “Solutions for Growth” brochure.

Realize Your Inorganic

Growth Potential

With our two-tiered Inorganic Growth program you can attract like-minded advisors that will help strengthen and expand your business. We provide all the materials you need to identify and contact prospects, assess whether you’re a good fit and move through the process of joining forces to grow without restraints.

Secure Your Legacy and

Protect Your Clients

With more than 100 partner firms, you have a built-in network offering strong succession options and the flexibility to look for external opportunities. Meantime Carson can also act as a backstop for business continuity, so you can work confidently knowing your business, your family and your clients are taken care of.

A Custom Succession Plan that Works for You

We help you weigh the options – merger, acquisition, internal succession – and decide what makes the most sense for your business and your future. The M&A team will help you evaluate, structure, value and negotiate transactions, while our legal team provides templates and guidance for the structure behind the deal.
“This is so unique in the industry — it's just unheard of.”

Michael Gold

CFP®, MBA, Founder, CEO and Wealth Advisor at Gold Family Wealth
Gold Family Wealth


No matter what your growth strategy is, knowing your firm’s value is a great first step.

Discuss Your Future

What’s the future look like for your firm? Do you have a strong advisor network? Get a conversation started with our Partnership Development team if you’re interested in acquiring books of business or establishing a succession plan.
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