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Our Q2 2022 campaign will launch on April 6. You must have this form submitted by March 23 to be included in the Q2 campaigns.

We are offering three options for these campaigns, each will be run through Facebook and each is directed at a different type of lead. We have tested each of the campaigns below internally, and while results will vary in different markets, all have successfully increased brand awareness and generated new leads!

Free Guide Campaign

Resource: Estate Planning Simplified

What to expect: Moderate volume of semi-warm leads with less information about each individual lead and increased brand awareness within your target market.

Minimum spend: $1,000/month


401(k) Calculator Campaign

Resource: 401(k) Calculator

What to expect: We have found success with this campaign the last couple of quarters and are going to continue offering it as an option in Q4. You’ll likely receive a low to moderate volume of warm leads from this campaign. You’ll know quite a bit more about each lead before you reach out, including age and 401(k) information.

Minimum spend: $1,000/month


Retirement Strategy Session Campaign

Resource: Schedule a Consultation

What to expect: The purpose of this campaign is to get people to schedule a consultation. Through this campaign, the consultation is being marketed as a “retirement strategy session”. You’ll get the fewest leads through this campaign. However, those leads will be much warmer, entering at the bottom of your marketing funnel instead of the top.

Minimum spend: $1,000/month


Once you submit the ad request form, we will reach out to you via email to follow up and gather further details.

Please note: Partners are required to run the campaign selected for a full month before changes can be made. We will suggest any changes if we see opportunities for your firm, but it’s important to give Facebook’s algorithm some time and have multiple weeks of results to compare.

Not sure if you should participate? Check out our FAQ below.


When should I sign up?

Please fill out the form to sign up by March 23. The kickoff date for ads is April 6. Once you submit the form, we’ll get to work setting up your ad account, Salesforce integration, website, and test everything to make sure it’s working.

What do you need from me to get started?

After you fill out the form on the right, we’ll reach out to you to discuss the campaign specifics, as well as gather your payment information to set up your ad account

What kind of results should I expect?

Advertising is by no means an exact science, so we can’t make any promises on the number of leads you will get or how much traffic to your site will increase. We have tested each of these campaigns through our Omaha Carson Wealth office, but results depend on multiple variables, including location, audience size, audience demographics, budget, and more. One thing we can promise is that our ads team keeps a close eye on how every partner campaign is performing. If we see yours underperforming at any point, we will make adjustments to try to help it improve.

How should I follow up with my leads?

We encourage advisors to reach out to new leads by phone with a gentle offer for a complimentary consultation or just to see if you can help them in any other way. Depending on the campaign, these prospects can be pretty early in the decision process, so coming on too strong can be harmful to your chances of building a relationship.

Who writes the ads?

Our Carson content and advertising team tests all campaigns before offering them to partners, so the copy and images are all pre-written – and approved by compliance. For this reason, we cannot change copy or resources on any ads.