Diana Koger

Client Relationship Specialist

Diana is a Client Relationship Specialist for Carson Group Coaching. She provides independent financial advisors with guidance and direction in the daily execution of their business goals. She discovers the challenges advisors need to overcome, directs them to Carson Group Coaching’s content and tools, and guides them through tactical consultation to move the needle.

In a way, Diana’s role is designed to help advisors close the knowing-doing gap. She rarely comes across an advisor who doesn’t know what they need to do to become successful. Diana provides accountability when motivation isn’t present and direction when focus is lost – and does so through the use of Carson Group Coaching’s tested content and proven growth concepts.

Diana brings many skills and talents to the team at Carson Group Coaching. She specializes in marketing strategies, social media, content marketing, website design consultations, and practice management. She has her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management and is working towards her Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from Bellevue University.

Diana grew up in rural Nebraska and now calls Omaha home. She and her husband have two beautiful children and together they enjoy camping, Husker football, and being outside every chance they get.

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