Integrated Technology

For a Simple Digital Client Experience

A Digital Client Experience That is “Amazon Easy”

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The Experience Your Clients Want

See what it's like to run your business using our technology for your digital client experience. Get your personal demo on-demand.

What if your client on-boarding experience was as easy as signing up for an Amazon, Instagram or Netflix account? What if managing your client review preparation could be done in minutes, instead of hours? Advisors who partner with Carson Group have both…and more.

Simplifying the complexity of technology is at the heart of what we do. We invest the time, expertise, resources and capital to integrate the right tech tools to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively, and to make the whole experience a lot more enjoyable for your prospects and clients.

Digital Tools & Dashboards

Advisor and Client Dashboards give access to all the tools you need as an advisor and all the information your clients need to manage their financial life from any mobile device or computer.

Integration & Reporting

With a single point of entry for all client information, advisors can request updates and prepare documents for annual client reviews in less than 60 seconds, saving hours of prep time. Customized performance reports and billing statements further enhance the client experience and simplify operations.

Professional Support

Imagine a team that is always looking for the next, and the next-next improvement for your technology system. What if you never had to make updates to your software, or worry about what the newest and greatest tool is? Now you understand the value of our professional support team. We are continuously refining and improving the tools to make life easier for you, your team and your clients. And you don’t have to do a thing.

What if Running Your Business Was This Easy?

See what a day in the life of a Carson Group Partner advisor is like, using our integrated technology.

Technology that allows financial advisors the flexibility to work from anywhere and gives clients access to account information on their terms.



The advisor dashboard give you access to every tool you need to run your business from anywhere in the world, from any mobile device or computer.

  • Investment research & performance
  • Portfolio builder
  • Billing & trading
  • Account aggregation
  • Financial Planning tools
  • Lead tracking & nurturing
  • Client information
  • Training, tools & community


The client dashboard gives prospects and clients easy access to everything needed to manage their financial life. Clients can access their account to review goals, priorities and portfolio from any mobile device or computer.

  • Value of Relationship Timeline
  • Financial priorities
  • Goals-based bplanning
  • Aggregated account info
  • Holdings detail
  • Portfolio performance
  • Trade notifications
  • Market Outlook