Carson Group Renames 2 Business Units

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Carson Group in ThinkAdvisor: Its institutional business has grown assets under advisement to about $8.6 billion in the past three years

The Carson Group has renamed some of its businesses. Carson Group Coaching is the new name of Peak Advisor Alliance, and Carson Group Partners replaces Carson Institutional Alliance.

“Every business decision we make starts with the client in mind,” said Ron Carson, founder and CEO of the Omaha, Nebraska-based Carson Group, in a statement.

“The rebrand reinforces this mindset and sends a message to advisors that if you’re an advisor looking to grow, we are here to help every – or any – step of the way,” Carson explained.

Carson Group Partners says it has “more than doubled” the level of its assets under advisement to about $8.6 billion over the past three year and has more than tripled the number of its partner advisor firms.

In addition, the group notes that its partner offices grew at an average rate of 21.71% over the past two years.

Carson Group Coaching now works with 1,208 firms that include more than 5,000 advisors in the U.S. and Canada.

“No other organization combines the practitioner’s perspective we’ve gleaned in coaching thousands of firms over the years with the optionality to become a Barron’s-caliber business overnight; and the rebranding of Carson Group simply brings that differentiator to the forefront,” said Aaron Schaben, managing partner at Carson Group Partners, in a statement.