Advisory Firms Using Creative Job Titles to Attract Clients, Staff

Ron Carson is quoted in Investment News article regarding creative job titles.

Advisors can harm clients by trying to ‘do it all’ themselves

A financial advisor I know told me how he handles the growing complexity of our industry on a recent weekend at my hunting lodge: He spends one day a week on compliance and one day a week on research.

Is the future for robo-advisors bright…or a bust?

The following is an excerpt from an article by Andrew Osterlund, special to The growth of automated investment advice platforms — also known as robo-advisors — is a top theme of just about every conference in the advisory industry these days. What’s more, pundits are debating whether it’s the next big thing in investing.

3 Reasons Why Robo-Advisors May Not Be for You

While robo-advisors may be a fit for certain investors, they’re not for everyone. Technology has disrupted many industries – newspapers, online travel, movie rentals, taxis and more. Now it is aiming to dramatically change the financial services industry through the emerging use of robo-advisors.

If Fed Raises Interest Rate, Look at Long Term and Don’t Panic, Investing Experts Say

In Omaha, the spiritual home of the investing style that ignores short-term market gyrations, the prospect of a change in Federal Reserve interest rates is kind of a yawner.

Is the Bond Market in a Bubble?

Bonds have been on a 34-year bullish run, but that may come to an end soon. With the stock market in its sixth year of a bull market and hitting all-time highs, many investors are looking for vulnerable areas that may be susceptible for a pullback, or what I like to call a “bubble watch.”

Is your financial advisor more sizzle than steak?

A prospect recently came to our office to compare our firm to a rival that was offering a customized portfolio. As soon as I heard the word “customized,” I was curious. “When you say ‘customized,’ what do you mean?” I asked. “They will buy securities for us based on our needs,” the prospect told me.

Precision Investor Ron Carson

Carson Wealth Management shuns bets on the market in favor of pinpointing undervalued stocks. A longtime aviation enthusiast, Ron Carson recently set a world speed record for midsize jets when he piloted a 12-seat Embraer Legacy 500

Consider This: The Dreamweaver Foundation

Coming up on the next edition of “Consider This…” The Dreamweaver Foundation. A nonprofit organization, it was established by an Omaha couple as a way to thank and honor impoverished older adults in their final days …and to create long-lasting memories for those who give.

Is Your Financial Advisor a Fiduciary?

President Barack Obama’s recent endorsement of fiduciary standards for financial advisors could have significant implications for the investment industry. Said differently, the president is pushing to require financial advisors to put the client’s needs before their own. That’s right. Your advisor may not have your best interests in mind.

The Mutual Fund Fees We Don’t Talk About

Mutual fund fees are often discussed, but not fully appreciated by many investors. The ultimate cost of owning a fund is far greater than what meets the eye. This is primarily due to two reasons. First, only about a third of the total cost is reported by the expense ratio. Other hidden fees can more …

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