On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie and guest co-host Jessica Harrington from Carson Coaching talk with David Kolbe, the CEO of Kolbe Corp.

Prior to helping individuals and businesses reach greater heights, David worked on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Director for a congressman from Texas and then became an Associate for a private law firm. His experience as a litigator and a political advisor directly ties into his ability to help teams achieve greater productivity and synergy.

David talks with Jamie and Jessica about the interplay of three parts of the mind, harnessing your instinctive strengths, and leveraging conative assessment tools in business decision-making.

(43:22) “It really is helping people understand. As I was saying before, there are only three parts of the mind. And if you don’t understand one of them, that’s huge. Burden makes things more difficult. So if I can help make that easier, that’s a great piece of it.” ~ David Kolbe

Main Takeaways

  • There are three parts of the mind: cognitive, affective, and conative. Understanding what they are and how they work closely can be advantageous in self-improvement and career development.
  • Being self-aware and being observant of your relationship dynamics can help strengthen your internal and external business relations.
  • Self-assessment should be the foremost step when choosing a career path, getting new clients, or even onboarding new hires in your business. Assessment tools, like cognitive and conative tests, are great in giving insights into an individual’s overall instinctive behavior. 

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