Stocks have sold off hard after the Fed took a more hawkish-than-expected tone last week, which now has stocks looking at one of their worst December returns ever. The good news is that there is still time, and one of the most bullish times of the year is right around the corner.

We will discuss in more detail the Santa Claus rally tomorrow, as it officially starts on Friday. But today, I’ll do a quick blog with a table that is always very popular.

As you can see, this table breaks down how each day of the year does. In my opinion, we are amid some of the strongest days of the year, from late December to early January. With stocks quite oversold and sentiment extremely negative, we expect a rally quite soon.

We will be back tomorrow with more on this seasonally bullish time, but in the meantime, we hope everyone is having a great holiday season. And for fun, look at how stocks do on your birthday. I’m October 28th which is the second best day of the year, second only to December 26.

Also, our latest Facts vs. Feelings podcast just came out. This week, Sonu and I chat about mental health and investing with the great Phil Pearlman. Take a listen:

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