Get Ready for the Sights and Sounds of Excell 2021

Excell 2021

Excell 2021 will invoke a lot of emotions – you’ll be motivated and inspired, you’ll glean knowledge and develop a sense of community, and you’ll find yourself challenged in meaningful and impactful ways. 

While you’re likely attending Excell for the internal impact on your personal and professional development, don’t forget about the external sensory details. What you’ll see, what you’ll hear, what you’ll taste – and, yes, even what you’ll smell. Excell is truly an advisor conference unlike any other, so experience it with all your senses.  

What You’ll See

The lights of the Strip: Look out the window of your room at the Cosmopolitan and you’ll be staring right down the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. From the advertisements for shows and music to the iconic Bellagio fountains, casinos, restaurants and more – all are a short walk from the Excell venue.  

Carson name badges: Keep an eye out for name badges with the Carson stakeholder ribbon. If you need help, have questions, or just want to chat, we’re here to make Excell an amazing experience for you and the entire Excell community. 

The next generation of advisor talent: If you spot a name badge with a student ribbon, stop and say hi. Excell is welcoming dozens of students as part of our commitment to building up the next generation in financial services – and hey, you might just find a great advisor for your firm. 

The “Death Star”: No, this isn’t a Star Wars convention. But Excell’s closing night party is being held at Allegiant Stadium – the new home of the Las Vegas Raiders – which is lovingly nicknamed the Death Star for its glossy, rounded design. 

What You’ll Hear

Insights from inspiring leaders: This is the 36th Excell conference, and the 2021 speaker lineup might be our best yet. Special guest President George W. Bush headlines a group of leaders from business, financial services – and the world. 

Buzz of the crowd: Have you ever taken a moment to just stop and listen to a room full of people laughing, sharing stories, and building lasting relationships? Take a second to soak in the sounds of Excell – then join in on the buzz!

Bumpin’ music: It isn’t a party without music, right? While Allegiant Stadium won’t be filled with 65,000 screaming Raiders fans, the sound system will get plenty of work during our closing night party featuring DJ and Drummer.

Beeps, chimes and dings: Whether you want to hear chips hitting the game table, the whirling of slot machines or sports fans cheering for their picks, The Cosmopolitan’s 100,000 square-foot casino has you covered. 

What You’ll Feel

Your phone buzzing in your pocket: We’ll be using the conference app throughout your stay in Las Vegas. Check in regularly for important updates on mainstage events, networking opportunities, need-to-know info and more.

The Las Vegas sun: While many parts of the country are taking out their jackets and coats for fall weather, you’ll be soaking in the sun. Get outside for a walk down the strip, head to the pool or take an extra day to enjoy Las Vegas’ famous golf courses.  

Your pen hitting a notebook: Whether you’re a notetaker or like to snap a quick picture of a presenter’s slides, there will be plenty of insights you want to be quick to capture.  

A comfortable bed: One advantage of staying at a luxury hotel is the comfort of your head hitting the pillow at the end of the day. Relax, unwind and reflect at the end of each day – and get re-energized for the next transformational moments at Excell. 

What You’ll Taste

Restaurant dining: Whether you’re looking for a spot to grab a quick lunch or a fine dining experience, the Cosmopolitan features an array of culinary destinations from around the world.

Chilled drink: Excell kicks off with evening cocktails at our welcome reception and ends with cold drinks at our closing night party. Between festivities, there are dozens of places to grab a drink at the Cosmo and the surrounding area. 

Excellent catered options: When you’re not seeking out your own dining options, head to Excell’s Women’s Leadership Lunch, where you’ll hear from five inspirational leaders in our profession – and enjoy a catered meal, too. 

A few snacks: Stop by the Expo to see what our event sponsors have to offer. You’ll find solutions your business craves – and some goodies you’ll likely crave. 

What You’ll Smell

Lots of hand sanitizer: The health and safety of the entire Excell community is our top priority. We’ll have sanitation and handwashing stations throughout the Excell venue as just one small part of efforts to protect against the spread of COVID-19. 

A morning sweat: OK, so you might not want to sweat, but we encourage you to work up a sweat, whether at the fitness center or if you attend Thursday morning’s Kinstretch with Carson Group’s fitness guru Will Morales.

The scent of chlorine: Relax poolside or go for a swim at one of the two pools at the Cosmopolitan. 

Food from around the world: Walk the halls of the Cosmopolitan and you’ll catch a whiff of dining options from around the world – burgers, tapas, fried chicken, sushi, breakfast classics, Italian, Chinese, steak or just a quick coffee and pastry.  

What You’ll Take Home

In-person attendees of Excell 2021 have the advantage of the full experience, but everyone, even virtually attendees, leave Excell re-energized, inspired and motivated to take their firm to the next level. 

Make it your goal to come up with three takeaways from Excell that you can implement right away. Of the hundreds of ideas presented, start focusing on what you want to accomplish and implement Day 1 back at the office. It might be a leadership technique, a planning approach, a team-building exercise or a mindset shift. 

Regardless of what you decide to implement – you’ll already have gained one thing: a community committed to growing together.

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