Group from Veteran Outdoors Welcomed at Carson Lodge

Veteran Outdoors

We recently partnered with Carson Partner Bob Huntley of Wise Counsel to support veterans who enjoy spending time outdoors. Ron and Jeanie Carson offered their lodge, located in Tekamah, Nebraska, as an escape for a group of veterans from Texas.

Ron and Jeanie flew the group in and welcomed them at the lodge. Toby Nunn led the group of four veterans, one of which was Huntley’s oldest son, Jared. See below for some pictures of the group at the lodge – and thank you to Ron and Jeanie, who continue to volunteer their time and resources to those who’ve served our country.

What is Veteran Outdoors?

Veteran Outdoors is an organization run by five volunteers who surprise veterans with their dream outdoor adventures. The organization takes veterans all over the world to hunt, fish and hike. When a need from a military family comes up, Veteran Outdoors is able to meet in just a few minutes to decide how they can serve. Learn more on the organization’s website.

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