In today’s episode of Framework, Jamie talks with Eric Clarke, the CEO of Orion Advisor Solutions. Orion Advisor Solutions focuses on creating portfolio management software that helps financial professionals succeed by supporting their unique vision and path for their clients.

As a middle child in a family with five kids and a financial advisor for a father, Eric spent much of his childhood coming up with and executing on business ideas. From mowing lawns to providing swimming lessons, he got his taste for the entrepreneurial life early.

Eric talks with Jamie about what it takes to start a business, the importance of culture,  and the potential benefits of growth by acquisition. They also talk about the challenges of running a growing business and how it’s easier to do when you’ve got the right team in place.

“Culturally, it seems that once you have alignment with regard to not only the vision and the direction that you want to go and where you want to go then you also align the incentives. You can just really accomplish a lot together as a highly functioning team and ultimately build a significant degree of trust with each other. ~ @ericrclarke

Main Takeaways

  • Give feedback about the technology you’re using. It’s a crucial element in developing tech that works for both the advisor and the client.
  • If you plan on growing via an acquisition, make sure your goals, vision, and cultures are aligned between the business divisions and leadership.
  • Culture within teams follows alignment on vision, direction, and incentives. Once they are aligned, your culture will foster deep trust.
  • It’s important to meet investors where they’re at today with their concerns. Creating practical planning workflows with shorter-term goals instead of 30 years out can help them feel more engaged with the planning process.

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