How a Carson University Alum Turned Her Uber Driver into a Client on the Way to the Airport

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Some people small talk with their Uber drivers, while others prefer silence. Carson University alum, Jessica Bost, made a different decision that landed her a new client (learn more about Carson University at the bottom of this post).

How did Jessica – with less than two years under her belt – sign a client during an Uber ride?

Meet Jessica

Jessica Bost

Jessica Bost is a Client Relationship Manager and Account Executive at a Carson Partner firm – Strategic Financial Management (SFM) – in Augusta, Georgia.

Before joining SFM, she was a fitness and lifestyle coach who helped people reach their health goals. Although she’s left fitness coaching behind, her new vocation finds her continuing to help clients reach their goals.

Jessica sees multiple parallels between her current job and her previous position (read more about her thoughts on the subject here). “Sitting across the table, seeing a client’s fear and anxiety be replaced by peace and clarity, has been just as fulfilling as receiving a text from a client with a ‘Before and After’ they began their fitness journey with me.”

Jessica’s Uber Experience and 3 Takeaways: What Does this Mean for You?

1. Prospecting is a 24/7 exercise

Never turn off. Keep your eyes and ears open at all times, because you never know what opportunity is right in front of you.

This doesn’t mean you should bombard mutual friends or strangers at the bar with information. Feel out each individual situation and be socially aware. Mention what you do and see where the conversation takes you.

You could meet your next prospect anywhere and any time. Be ready.

After attending Carson U, Jessica ordered an Uber to the airport for her flight home.

Her Uber driver started the conversation by asking what brought her to Omaha. She immediately thought of what the Carson U speakers and mentors helped her with – presenting value to a prospect through roleplaying.

Learn how to reach new clients and grow your firm. Download the case study.

This was it. This was her chance to practice. She took a deep breath.

“I work with a team of folks in Georgia,” she said, “and our mission is to help people plan for and transition into retirement. I’m curious about you with regards to Uber – is this something you’ve been doing for a while now, or something that you are doing part-time as an extra source of income in retirement?” She listened carefully and learned more about him and his situation.

2. Clients can show up in unexpected places

A lot of advisors look for business execs and boat owners as clients. Stay humble – connect with everyone. Clients can be anywhere and anyone.

Plenty of everyday people need help with their finances, not just those C-suite individuals. Remember this at your favorite grocery store, restaurant, or maybe even in your next Uber ride.

Both Jessica’s driver and his wife were retired and driving for Uber. They had three kids. Their funds were in a 401(k) and 403(b) and they did not have a financial advisor.

She told him that he and his wife were exactly the type of people they work with at SFM and she “would absolutely love” the opportunity to show him the value of having a plan and someone to help navigate that plan.

He gave Jessica his contact information, and she followed up with him within 24 hours. They set up a call that next Monday.

She used eMoney training and information about Social Security from Jamie Hopkins to lead the meeting. She gathered information that she knew her licensed coworker, Scott Fitzgerald, would need to propose an offer.

The following week, they had the proposal meeting with Scott. By the end of the meeting, the clients said, “We didn’t expect to get to this point so quickly, but we know this is exactly what we need.”

3. Always continue learning

How do you keep yourself inspired? Conferences, networking opportunities, workshops? Whatever it is, it’s important to keep doing it.

After Jessica’s exciting, unexpected experience, she recommends Carson U to anyone interested. “Absolutely no doubt,” she said. “It would be helpful and meaningful for anyone in the industry – especially the one I went to – for people who are just now starting their journey as an advisor. It is beautifully designed to learn the strong foundation of Carson.”

Since then, Jessica passed the Series 65.

Continuing your education is an investment in yourself – and, as financial advisors, we all know the importance of investments if you want to succeed.

About Carson University

Carson University helps stakeholders within Carson Wealth and Carson Partner firms develop skill sets to effectively and efficiently land and delight clients. It provides these team members the opportunity to engage with Carson tech first-hand, participate in financial planning discussion, articulate your firm’s value prop, and drive efficiency in your operational processes.

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