On today’s episode of Framework, Jamie chats with Renee Baker, Head of PCG Advisor Inclusion Networks at Raymond James, Renee Baker. 

Before joining Raymond James, Renee was a Chief Marketing Officer for Carillon Tower Advisers and an Adjunct Professor for the University of South Florida and Wilmington University. Renee has remained focused on advocating for increasing representation in the industry while helping advisors grow their businesses.

Renee talks with Jamie about the importance of education, the need for addressing microaggressions in the industry, and her journey to being an inclusive leader.

“How do we change the face of wealth management, change the conversation, and meet the problem where it’s at? It’s visibility, addressing microaggressions in the industry, and also making sure that there’s not a disconnect between those things.” ~ @ReneeBakerRJ

Main Takeaways

  • Education is the best investment you can make. It gives you a stable footing in your career, opens you up to opportunities, and teaches you lifelong skills.
  • Alongside the commitment to advisors and investors, inclusive leadership must be practiced. Leaders should be sympathetic. Listening to people’s stories can make you an effective problem solver and leader.
  • Microaggression is an increasing problem in the wealth management industry. Create an environment that is engaging for women, black, and pride groups, too.

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