Michael Rose

Executive Business Coach

About Michael

As an experienced financial advisor and practice management consultant, Michael leverages 20 years of industry experience when guiding advisors to the level of success they desire. His purpose is to help coaching members convert the firm they dream of into the firm they actually experience. Whether it’s creating a client engagement model that inspires referrals, developing a team that excels on all fronts, reaping the rewards of a more systematic approach to key business functions, or finding the next ideal client, Michael offers strategies, techniques, and tools to empower advisors.

Being an advisor can be a lonely endeavor. Advisors are constantly in demand to solve clients’ problems, but who can they turn to when wrestling with their own uncertainties? Well, that’s where a good coach comes in! Michael is an empathetic listener, asks poignant questions, and is a great brainstorming partner.

Michael is particularly motivated to help advisors do what they do best and delegate the rest. He believes firm leaders should place the highest priority on hiring and fully utilizing their perfect compliment. This is someone who is as gifted at planning ahead, prioritizing, and seeing things through to completion as advisors are at landing the $2M prospect they just met. Michael has great conviction that this partnership is the single most important factor in converting business aspirations to real-world triumphs; to turning the business plan from an assemblage of pretty words into an actual roadmap the team will use to arrive at the destination envisioned by the advisor.

Michael began his career in the financial services industry in 2000, when he built a successful investment management practice in Sarasota. In 2009, he relocated to Minnesota and spent the next several years as a consultant, aiding advisors around the country as they fine-tuned their processes and created implementation plans to transform their businesses.

Immediately prior to joining Carson Group, Michael led the practice development organization at RBC Wealth Management. He worked with advisors and their teams to implement an organized, systematic approach to client service and communication, allowing them to create a unique experience that turn clients into enthusiastic advocates who proactively promote their advisor.

Michael is a graduate of Boston University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in finance. On the personal side of life, he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, works hard at becoming the next bass-playing YouTube sensation, and in the warmer months spends as much time as possible on the Minneapolis bike trails.

Specialty Areas

  • Advisor Productivity
  • Organizational Structure
  • Strategic Planning


  • Executive Business Coach at Carson since 2016

  • Practice Management Consultant – 11 years

  • Financial Advisor – 8 years


  • Bachelor’s in Finance from Boston University

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