Michael Rose

Executive Business Coach

As an experienced financial advisor and practice management consultant, Michael leverages his 18 years in the financial industry when providing advisors the guidance they need to reach new levels of success. He makes it his mission and purpose to help his members turn the practice of their dreams into a reality. Whether it’s accumulating assets, reaping the rewards of a more disciplined approach, or finding the next ideal client, Michael offers strategies, techniques, and tools to help advisors meet their goals.

Michael began his career in the financial industry in 2000, when he built a successful advisory practice in Sarasota, Florida. In 2009, he moved his family to Minnesota, and subsequently spent the next several years as a consultant, aiding advisors around the country as they fine-tuned their processes and created road maps for transformation.

Immediately prior to joining Carson Group, Michael led the practice development department at RBC Wealth Management. He worked with advisors and their teams to implement an organized, systematic approach to client service and communication, allowing them to create a unique experience that turned clients into enthusiastic advocates who pro-actively promoted their advisor.

Michael is particularly motivated to help advisors identify and express their values and vision. He believes that encouraging his members to incorporate these into their professional and personal lives will in turn inspire their clients to do the same. His other special interests include the merging of financial and life planning and the gamification of the financial planning process.

Michael is a graduate of Boston University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in finance. He enjoys spending time with his daughter Emma, and, in the warmer months, spends as much time as possible on the bicycle trails.

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