Carson Headquarters

Posted on October 24, 2019

Omaha, Nebraska

Based on intensive research of Carson’s brand and values, LEO A DALY developed the design concept for Carson headquarters to embrace a thriving, work-live-play culture. The 194,000-SF office campus features two four-story glass towers joined by a two-story amenity zone. Inside the amenity zone, named “Carson Commons,” visitors and Carson employees, known as “stakeholders,” will dine, socialize and nourish their health with café and fitness amenities.

Founded by Ron Carson in Omaha in the 1980s, Carson today comprises 108 partner firms and more than $10 billion in assets. Carson has nearly 230 advisors, and its coaching business includes 1,300 member firms in North America. Visitors to the new headquarters from Carson’s partners, advisors and coaches will be frequent and common. Its campus will reflect and support its culture while also making lasting impressions on visitors.