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We only work with advisors who put their clients’ interests first. The financial plan you create for your client shapes the investment choices used in allocations, rather than the other way around. In other words, you build the car, and our investment team provides the engine.

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An Entire Team Working for You

Our investment approach is based on providing you with optionality and diversity so you can help your clients create game plans that reflect their specific priorities and goals. We have over 75 investment strategies built by our in-house investment team and some of the most well-recognized investment firms in the country.

Gain a

Planning-First Approach

When we say we put planning first, we mean it. Asset allocation is traditionally conceived in a mean-variance framework, where an investor strives to maximize the expected return for a given level of risk. However, this conventional approach does not consider three important aspects of investing:

  • An investor’s behavior
  • Asset allocation for a goals-based financial plan with a time horizon
  • The trade-off between current and future spending

That’s where a goals-based financial plan comes in. By designing our investment strategies around planning, it simplifies goals-based planning by grouping spending into time periods and creating portfolio segments focused on each time period.

This creates an easy-to-follow narrative for clients, and helps advisors focus on both the near-term and long-term goals.

Be Part of the Decisions

Every partner has the opportunity to give input on our investment strategies. If your clients have a need, we’ll work on finding a solution – whether that means partnering with a third-party investment firm or building a strategy in-house. We even have partners on the Carson Investment Committee, which is a council that contributes ideas and shares thoughts with regard to adding new strategies in the platform, closing or replacing existing strategies, and the overall direction of the investment platform.

Clear, Transparent Communications

You and your clients are always in the loop. We publish a Weekly Market Commentary blog to your website on your behalf and we send out regular trade notifications so your clients know what is happening in the markets and in their investment strategies. On the advisor side, we discuss market conditions and investment strategies on weekly partner calls, plus provide regular updates on what is being added or improved with your strategies.
“I feel even more confident and comfortable.”

Lawrence Sprung

CFP®, Founder and Wealth Advisor at Mitlin Financial, Inc™
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You can’t be a full-time advisor, full-time CEO and full-time investment specialist. Partnership gives you a team of professionals who monitor, build and improve the investment strategies that make up your financial plans.
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